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Class action Pristiq lawsuit

We provide legal advice on matters pertaining to Pristiq lawsuit; as a medical claims company we represent individuals as well as families that consider pursuing a dangerous drug case. In order for the plaintiff to secure the utmost settlement in the litigation of the claim, not considering whether in class action lawsuit or an individual lawsuit, it is very crucial that the firm that will be representing you have the competent and an experienced team that will guide you all the legal hurdles in addition to providing you the sufficient litigation funding to cover the pharmaceutical litigation costs. At the moment we schedule a free of charge consultation and take the first step to acquiring compensation for the losses caused by the Pristiq side effects.

Desvenlafaxine or better known as Pristiq, is an SNRI (serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant prescribed for treating major depressive disorder, panic disorder and anxiety. According to the mounting information, an antidepressant like Pristiq causes life-threatening birth defects to kids born to mothers who actually took this drug during pregnancy. We are now filling Lawsuits nationwide on behalf of the victims.

Did any member of your family place trust in this antidepressant drug known as Pristiq? If so, by now you may have discovered that it causes serious complications and Pristiq side effects, and just like I have slightly explained above, the effects include birth defects in the kids of women, who used the drug while they were pregnant, as well as heart and liver ailments for adults who took the drug. Pristiq or generically known as the Desvenlafaxine was manufactured and marketed by the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, now subsidiary of the Pfizer. Pristiq uses the desvenlafaxine, which is synthetically manufactured version of venlafaxine, a generic for Effexor. Just like all the other antidepressants, Pristiq normally increases risk of birth defects and suicide.

In January 2007, U.S. FDA (Food and drug Administration) approved Pristiq. However, it wasn’t being approved by the E.U. because the EMA (European Medicines Agency) was skeptical about apparent benefits of it. Indeed, they noted that they didn’t find any significant benefit of taking drugs. They said that the efficiency results were far from impressive and evidence for long-term efficacy was lacking. They also added that the dose does not in any way support the long-term efficacy in doses indicated in the 50 mg (SPC).

After the drug giant Pfzer bought Wyeth, that marked the beginning of a settlement in class-action lawsuit that involved Pfizer and Wyeth (creator of Pristiq) worth $67.5 million. They maintained that they were actually misled regarding the dangers of Pristiq, which only came to light when the FDA announced that it wouldn’t approve the drug for the treatment of women’s hot flashes who were post-menopausal until it learned the additional info regarding possible heart and liver problem linked to antidepressant. After that, Wyeth shares lost market value of over $7.6 billion. The shareholders asserted that the company failed to reveal adverse side effects, which led to the stock price being inflated.

Adverse effects of Pristiq are very grave. They include, although they aren’t limited to, suicidal ideation, nausea, suicidal tendencies, night terrors, suicidal thoughts, delayed ejaculation, constipation, insomnia, somnolence, hyperhydrosis, priapism, hypertension, abnormal breeding, birth defects, glaucoma and seizures.

Pristiq is rated among drugs in the category of the SNRI (serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) drugs. Such drugs are well known to cause a wide variety of very serious if not stern Pristiq birth defects as well as side effects in infants whose mothers took antidepressant within a year prior to giving birth — in short, even before becoming pregnant. Like stated above it has potential of causing serious birth defects that are very severe, and sometimes turn to be fatal. The birth defects normally include, but aren’t limited to: tricuspid valve Stenosis, truncus arteriosis, Heart Murmur, ASD (Atrial Septal Defects), VSD (Ventral Septal Defects), Defective or Malformed valves, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, Tetralogy of Fallot, HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome ), tricuspid atresia, HRHS (hypoplastic right heart syndrome), club foot, spinal bifida, anal atresia, esophageal stenosis, omphalocele, gastroschisis, Craniosynostosis, Pulmonary Stenosis, PPHN (persistent pulmonary hypertension of the Newborn) and Aortic Stenosis.

How Does Pristiq Lawsuit works?

We the medical claims company would like to state categorically that no expectant woman should have to bare her happiness being snatched by giving birth to a kid with extremely very sombre birth defects. A lot of these defects to our kids require a lasting care program, with all the expenses of the constant medical treatment taken care of. We believe that the pharmaceutical companies have to take the responsibility for their carelessness.

If your kid was born with the birth defects or If the family member suffered injury after the loved one used the defective antidepressant drug, notify us at once. We will supply you with the experienced defective drug lawyer to argue your case and fight tooth and nail for your rights to the financial compensation that you ought to have with a Pristiq lawsuit.

This means that the payments caters for your hospital and medical bills, your lost present wages and benefits as well as your future’s and your suffering and pain you are incurring as result to the family’s defective drug injury.

Call or write to us now, using this website’s free case review form that is available for you, and let’s get started by filing the Pristiq lawsuit. Let’s seek the payments that your family really needs and deserves due to this defective drug that was made by this negligent pharmaceutical company.

If you took Effexor or Pristiq, Zoloft, Lexapro, Celexa, Paxil, or any other kind of antidepressant prior or during any time of your pregnancy and the kid was born with grave birth and heart defects. It’s time you called us for a Free & private Antidepressant Lawsuit Evaluation as the child as well as you may be having a legal right to financial compensation for the damages and injuries caused. Our medical claims company knows very well how to handle the Pristiq lawsuit, let us help you get what you really deserve.